What Natural Fabric to Choose

When it comes to sport and active sportswear, synthetic materials strongly outweigh natural fabrics, mostly because of their quick drying and physical resistance. However, natural fabrics are still a great and often more comfortable choice for a lot of applications.


A classic cotton T-shirt

A classic cotton T-shirt

If you are wearing a classic T-shirt right now, it is most likely made of cotton. This material has earned its popularity thanks to its strength, breathability and comfortability. It is machine washable, nice to the touch and suitable for most of the types of textile printing.

However, there are some disadvantages of cotton as well. It wrinkles, dries slowly and is susceptible to physical deformation when wet. Regular washing may cause cotton fabric to lose its bright colours and fade.

Cotton shirts are sold in various surface modifications that may differ in colour, structure, feel any many other qualities. Some cotton materials are thicker than others, which makes them more suitable to be worn in winter or in colder environments in general. In fact, two cotton materials may not feel like each other at all.

Cotton is often combined with other materials that change the overall qualities of the finished fabric. One great example if this is addition of elastane into cotton fabric to make it more flexible than just pure cotton.

There is also one myth that is believed by a huge number of people. They believe that thicker and heavier cotton shirts (or other types of clothing) are always better. This is definitely not true. The quality of fabric depends on more factors, such as its production, added materials and surface finish.


The term wool is used for a wide variety of materials that differ quite a lot. Yes, all wool comes from sheep or lamb. However, there are many different species of these animals and the overall qualities of wool depend on the kind of sheep or lamb it comes from.

Wool is most certainly not used only to make heavy and thick sweaters. Thanks to modern technologies it is used in production of T-shirts and many various kinds of clothing.

Wool is soft, smooth and it is good in transporting body heat and humidity. It is also very resistant to physical stress, durable and fire resistant.

Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fabric and its origin

Bamboo fabric and its origin

We also offer T-shirts and other types of clothing made of bamboo fabric, which is also nice to the touch, but it really excels in one of its qualities. It is very resistant to bacteria. Thanks to this fact it doesn’t get smelly as fast as cotton fabric for instance.

Bamboo fabric is good in regulating body heat in both summer and winter. During summer it will cool you down and in cold weather it will keep you warm. Bamboo textile is also great in absorbing big amounts of humidity from the body and channelling it away.

Feel Free to Choose

We sell printed T-shirts and other kinds of clothes made from a wide variety of materials, but in this article, we focused only on the most used natural materials used in textile production. Feel free to look through our products and choose whichever material best suits your needs.

When deciding on the material, be sure to consider the way the clothes you are buying are going to be used. The usage will help you choose the most desired qualities, which will help you make the final decision and choose the material that best suits your needs.

If you need any help, be sure to contact us.