Sport T-shirts

When we do sports and play games, we tend to move rapidly and get all warm and sweaty. That is why choosing a seemingly simply item, such as T-shirt that is worn while doing physical activities, is actually really important. If you want to have one-of-the-kind sport T-shirts made for you and/or your buddies or for an entire sport team, keep reading and find out how you can make the best decision.

The choice of materials

In everyday life, we tend to wear T-shirts (and other kinds of clothing) made from cotton. This material is very comfortable, nice to wear and it is also great for having designs printed on it. However, other properties of cotton fabric make it not suitable for sport applications. It absorbs a lot of water and then stick to skin, which limits a person’s ability to move and can cause health related issues. That is really not welcomed when excercising or competing against other sport teams. What is more, when cotton fabric is wet, it gets deformed quite easily and your new T-shirt can get instantly ruined.

Sport T-shirts are usually made from synthetic materials, such as polyester. This material is good in channelling moisture away from your body and keeping you dry, which is one of the most desirable qualities a sport T-shirt should have. Polyester T-shirts also won’t stick to your bodies, which is nice.

12983389_829499910527419_4382840295545939451_o-300x209Design, branding and sponsors

When ordering a set of custom made T-shirts for your sport team, make sure to make them TRULY yours. Make sure they capture your team’s spirit. This can be achieved by brainstorming with other team members and trying to figure out what you are really like. If you already have your own team identity, such as team colours or even team logo, you can skip this step and go right ahead to placing an order for your T-shirts.

You should also keep in mind that bigger but also smaller local companies often take pride in supporting the community and will be more than willing to give you some of the money you desperately need to run your team. You can return the favour by placing the company logo on your T-shirts and/or jerseys.

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Need help?

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