A lot of you know that small sports clubs don’t tend to be the wealthiest. But here’s some advice on how to save a few euros, which can be used where necessary and can be found even here. Everybody likes to save! In today’s article we will look at the possibilities, how to save on manufacturing sportswear  and jerseys, thanks to which your team will strengthen its collective spirit. So, what do you have to do to get quality clothes for less money? A sports club is surely worth the effort!


Sponsor gifts – a real sport’s thing

It’s best to rely on companies you know that have extra money and are interested in being advertised. These companies can directly be from the sporting business, but also building companies. There is really a lot to choose from. However, it is important the partnership is mutually beneficial for the company as well as you. Try to mention the benefit of their brand associated with a healthy life style, which can increase positive awareness for the company. The sponsors can partially or even totally pay for your expenses related with the manufacturing of clothes. That sounds quite interesting don’t you think? This type of help is certainly not to be rejected.

custom jersey


How to locate the logos of sponsors?

The sponsor logos are most often located on the front or back side of the jerseys. But sometimes there are multiple sponsors (mainly if you want to help smaller, local companies that individually don’t have so much money). Don’t forget that in these cases its all about personal agreement. If your sponsors have specific requests about the positioning of their logo, comply to their requests. But it is mainly important to know the financial assistance you can get thanks to them. This can influence your willingness to make compromises with the location of the logo at the end.

Ice hockey jersey


What sponsors to look for?

As we mentioned – focus mainly on sports companies. However, do not neglect looking and addressing wealthier local companies, like for example building companies which often possess a fairly large amount of financial resources.