Every day we have this experience, where a customer contacts us with a request to print around 5-10 T-shirts.

We try to clarify the possibility of a larger print amount, not only from a commercial point of view but mainly from the technological side. At this point, the potential client decides to leave or choose the low-budget print version (Digital printing or the “iron on”).

T-shirt quantity

We don’t have an internal statistic which would show us how many clients were choosing the more cost-effective print and thus were successful, but I bet it would be a minority.

They choose this option to subsequently sell T-shirts to their clients with an aim to gain a profit – and not spend a large amount of money at the beginning.

Alternatively, their aim was to build their own brand of clothes but tried it in a fashion that they placed their clothes on the web and made only one piece from the design.

There wouldn’t be anything wrong with that, until this piece reaches the end customer…

And the dream of a successful brand ends here. Because technology and numbers simply won’t budge.


Let’s look at the Maths


Let’s use a 180-gram black T-shirt with a 1 coloured print, size A3 as an example, with the goal to sell these T-shirts at a concert, festival or some sports event. You decide to set the selling price at 15€ .


10-piece order

We will use the FLEX technology (because of the number of colours) for this T-shirt – and one piece will cost you 13.00€, which means 10 T-shirts= 130€

It is very time demanding in the case of more detailed graphics, because of the graphics are peeled from the template by hand.


35-piece order

The fun truly begins here 😊 We prepare the screen-printing sieve and the colour, pull the T-shirts onto pallets and begin the printing process.

By using this technique, one piece will cost you only 7.00€ and thus 35 T-shirts will cost = 245€

You might say “Really? But that’s more, what kind of bargain is this?”


Let’s have a closer look:

If you sell LESS THAN HALF (16pieces) of your T-shirts for 15€ as previously mentioned, your investment will have returned, and you can use the money for more T-shirts.

And the best part is that the rest will be all your profit. Isn’t that great?

To make a profit in the first example with the 10 T-shirts, you would have to sell all your T-shirts.

Let’s continue.


120-piece order

Okay, this will be suitable if you’re expecting large sales and demand for your T-shirts, i.e. products. We will talk about this theme in our next article.

BUT! Here’s where it turns into a business and not just a hobby.

If you order 120 T-shirts, then after recalculation, 1 T-shirt will cost you ONLY 4,35€, which means you only have to sell 35 T-shirts to get your investment back and your potential PROFIT will be 1275NET!


And this is quite something. Of course, if you are thinking ahead and use only a third for your “pleasures and fun,” you could start a decent business with your merchandise from the rest.

What are your thoughts? Are you still thinking about the amount you want to get?

I hope this will make it a bit easier for you and guides you toward the right decision.

PS: If you have decided, don’t hesitate and contact us with your request:


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