Packing and Labelling of Our Products

If you are an owner of a smaller or bigger fan shop, you are probably interested in how our products are packed and labelled. And if you are only ordering clothing products for yourself or the members of your sport team and you don’t intend to resell them, you can still find this option we provide very interesting.

T-shirts packed in clear plastic bags

T-shirts packed in clear plastic bags

Packing of our products

All clothes ordered from us are delivered in clear packing bags. We have different sizes of these bags in disposal and we choose the right size for each products.

What is more, the bags have a stripe of adhesive at the closing point. Thanks to the adhesive, the bags can be opened and closed multiple times, which you will find helpful for example when you want to check the quality or the design of the products before further reselling them to your customers.

This style of packing has multiple advantages:

  • Plastic bags protect the goods when they are shipped to you. You wouldn’t want to have your clothing damaged during the shipping, would you?
  • Plastic bags protect the goods when they are in your inventory on display in your store. The clothing isn’t collecting dust when it is stored in your shelves, because the bag protects it.
  • The plastic bags we use are see-through, so you and your customers can look at colour, design and quality of the products before making the purchase.

Custom Labelling

Custom labelling is also a service that is appreciated the most by owners of fan shops or their own clothing brands. Having a custom made label on every single piece of clothing you sell helps you differentiate your products and strengthen the recognition of your brand.

Custom labelling is great for fan shops or clothing brands that sell their products both online and in brick-and-mortar shops. If you operate an online clothing stores, your customers will be delighted by the fact that your products have your own custom printed label and will tend to recommend your products to their friends or ordering them again themselves.

Remember, a happy customer is the best kind of advertisement. You can even include some kind of funny or touching message in your labels, which is a great way of strengthening the relationship between you and your customers.

Need more information?

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