SCREENPRINTING is the most popular method of printing on garments, used for quantitative higher cost.

Screen printing technique has a very long history – comes from the so-called. stencil painting, known since ancient times. In this method, the key matrix is known. sieve. This is the most common aluminum frame which is stretched grid with a very fine “mesh”. After application of the emulsion and the exposure part of the mesh sieve is vaulted, and the free mesh form a matrix. During printing, a suitable paint is distributed over the entire surface of the mesh using a squeegee. However, it pushes only the free meshes directly on the surface of the garment. This creates a striking print.

Imprints on clothes we make high quality inks world’s leading producers. We guarantee long term preservation of printing color saturation during use.

The most attractive made silk-screen printing prices depend on the amount of effort, because the fixed costs are spread prepress proportionally greater amount of clothing.


The advantages of screen printing:

  • Best price – Screen printing is unrivaled cost-effective for large quantities (over 100 pieces)
  • wide range of applications – Screen printing can be used on many types of fabrics: cotton, knitted fabrics. Therefore, use it can be labeled both clothing and bags, umbrellas, caps.
  • durability – By using high-strength inks are resistant prints including moisture, UV, mechanical or dry.
  • color – y using the color palette by PANTONE get vivid, saturated colors. The use of large quantities of paint allows for very expressive and fully saturated colors.
  • Quality and precision – Possibility to print very specific aspects of the highly accurate color matching.
  • Refinement – As the only technique allows the use of print finishing (print flagging, glitter, gel, 3D printing and others).

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