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Looking for business partner ?

You have idea of own fanshop,with own branded souvenires?

Or just looking for someone whos,know how to make your dreams to be real?

Why fanshop?

Fans are mostly supporters of the clubs, so you have to you as a team a lot to offer! A dedicated fan shop is ideally suited for this purpose. Fanshop with good margins and large range of products to achieve high conversion with good yields. T

Suppose an association with its own fan shop in the small average league.

Here alone 100pieces club tshirts can be sold (Standard club Tshirts), not even by a special but simply the normal club tshirt that would like to have every fan, for example, in a home game at the fan shop at a well-attended game. We can show you some example for your imagination:

Sold 100 fan tshirts in a game are at RRP € 17.90 in total 1.799 – € . What then is the contribution margin or the profit generated in just one matchday for the club treasury, you can itself in Iherem respective purchase price you recalculate upon request.

If you have multiply the fanshop with hoodies, trikots, scarves, sweatpants, and we can provide it all in different versions these sales easily, with little effort directly.

If you offer this system on the company’s website in a simple shop and offer all merchandise also available online, where your fans who can not come to the stadium or to wait for special offers and promotions to buy, you can secure as a permanent source of income for your club with your own fan shop – and you need help with these ideas,and dont know how its going. But we are here to make it easier together with you.

If you dont have big budget, dont worrie, there is some classic itmes which are still „hot“ … club scarf,tshirt or hats. You can start just with one,these articles always bestsellers. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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