Promo products for bands

Every band needs “brand merchandising”. Why? To give their fans the pleasant feeling that they own something, custom made by their idol. When these promo products are being worn by fans, the awareness of the band increases and they create an organic advertisement. It’s a win-win situation because the band can get additional financial resources from their name and at the same time, they are more and more promoted thanks to their fans. If you chose to create band promo products, you can’t harm yourself in any way- quite the opposite.

What promo products are suitable for a band? Do you want your own merch ? 

The classical items are for example T-shirts, stickers, buttons. Simply items that can be placed somewhere for public viewing and identity association. A lot of fans stick band stickers all over town, thus raising the awareness of the public, which is interfaced with these stickers on a daily basis. You don’t have to be limited by these classical products – be innovative and think about how you can differentiate yourself from the competition, even if it’s not a classical corporate environment, competition in this day and age exists in every sphere. Particularly popular are sweatshirts, hats, caps or even socks, where logos can be perfectly embroidered.

Custom hoodie

How to shine with band promo products?

Don’t follow the rest, walk against them. Give away your products at concerts and apart from that, we recommend you open an e-shop, where you can sell your products to enthusiastic fans. This way you will gain another fan base, which will be eagerly waiting for new brand merchandise alongside every new single or album.

Who should you trust your manufacturing to ?

You will find a wide range of products on, which can have prints or logos and logo embroidery.  All you have to do is choose. We will be glad to help if you contact us 😊 we are here for you!