Advantages of Using DTG Printing

DTG Printing, also called Direct To Garment Printing, is one of the methods we use to print designs on T-shirts or other kinds of apparel. In this process, a design is printed directly onto the fabric. Special inks applied to the fabric are absorbed and no other transport medium is needed, unlike when using for example Screen Printing or other popular methods of garment printing.

Why is DTG Printing popular

owl1DTG Printing holds its popularity thanks to its many qualities. The process of printing is easy and the finished product looks good. The designs are sharp (if you provide us with good source images – more on that later), have bright colours and well-defined shapes.

There is, however, one strong advantage DTG Printing holds over other methods of garment printing. When you provide us with a good source image, no other preparation has to be done by us and we can go straight to printing. That is why the minimum order quantity for DTG Printing is just 1 piece of clothing. That is right, you can order just one custom printed T-shirt. We talk about this more in this article: What’s the minimum quantity or apparel I can order?

What to look out for

DTG Printing is a great way of creating custom made apparel, however, some things have to be kept in mind in order to achieve the best possible results.

  • The file with design has direct impact of the quality of finished product. If you want to have a great-looking T-shirt or any other kind of apparel, be sure to provide us with the highest quality design possible. The image must be sharp and we don’t recommend the use of .JPG files. These don’t support transparency and if your design is not square or rectangular, it will have visible white (or differently coloured) area around it. Instead, use .PNG files that DO support transparency. You can, of course, ignore this piece of information if the aforementioned single-colour area is a desirable effect for you.
  • Choose the right material for the best results. We tend to recommend cotton as the best material for DTG printing. Cotton fabric is flexible, soft and absorbs printed colours better than other kinds of materials. Designs printed on cotton fabric tend look better and last longer. You are free to use synthetic materials on their own or mixed with cotton, but we recommend to keep the ratio of cotton to synthetic in favour of cotton.
  • Small variations in colour might not be visible. Small differences between in individual colours that are clearly visible on a piece of paper or a computer screen might NOT be visible on the finished product. 

Keep in mind that DTG printing is not as simple as it seems and a consultation with professionals can go a long way for the quality of your T-shirts or other kinds of clothing. We are here for you and ready to help you with anything you need.