How to save money when buying team jerseys

The best sport teams have their sponsors that help them financially. Therefore, they have enough money to provide necessities like custom made sport jerseys or any other kind of needed sport equipment.

If you have a local sport team, chances are that you have to pay for your sport equipment and clothing out of your own pocket. However, even small local teams that only play for fun or in local tournaments are able to find “shortcuts” when creating team identity and buying jerseys or other kind of apparel. In this article, you will find some tips, that can help you in this endeavour.

Do you really need team clothing?

sport_dresesYour answer to this question may wary, but the truth is that in most cases team that have their own jerseys made in team colours perform better. Most importantly, individual players can interact with their teammates better, if they can see each other clearly and are instantly able to differentiate between players of two opposing teams.

But that is not all. Having special team clothing strengthens team spirit. Players really feel like members of the same team that has its own identity and soul. Clothes help them connect on an entirely new level, which can also help them be more successful.

Try to reach out and find a sponsor

Huge and well known sport teams have big sponsors. They are usually big international companies that take pride in sponsoring sport teams. These companies give the teams they sponsor money they need to run properly and get a nice form of advertisement in return. One might call it a win-win situation.

Of course, your local team will not be able to find a sponsor like this. However, there are local companies that would love the chance to pay for your jerseys and only ask for their logo to be printed on them. You have to keep in mind that your cooperation with your sponsors must be beneficial not only for your team, but also for them. Work together to come up with a deal that would benefit both parties.

What kind of companies to ask?

It is always a good idea to start with companies that do something connected to sport or healthy lifestyle. The idea is that these companies could benefit from sponsoring your team the most, because your fans are most likely interested in their products. Therefore, they are most likely to give you some money to pay for jerseys or other equipment your team needs.

You should also focus on bigger companies, as they most likely have a bigger advertisement budget that they can use to pay for your jerseys.

Where to place the company logo?

There are some guidelines to follow, but in the end it comes down to your deal with your sponsor. There are two main areas to place your sponsor’s logo: the front and the back. These areas are big and the logos will be visible even from a bigger distance.

Ask your sponsors about their preferences and try your best to make them happy. They are the ones giving you money for the stuff you need. 🙂